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    Whether you are a member of our church or just visiting our site, we hope that you will learn a little more about our community.
    and utilize whatever information and resources you might find helpful. We thank you for visiting our website and hope to see you soon!
    Faith Harvest is located in the city of North Hills, CA situated in the San Fernando Valley.
    One of our mottos as a church is to take Jesus seriously but not ourselves.
    We can admit that we are a pretty funny, sometimes sad, and definitely flawed group of sinners
    that need Jesus in our lives. And as a church community we seek to emulate Paul's heart for the church,
    ‘we proclaim him, admonishing and teaching everyone with all wisdom,
    so that we may present everyone perfect in Christ’ _Colossians 1:28
    We realize we are much better off trusting Jesus than trusting ourselves.
    So at Faith Harvest, what you will find are a group of flawed people who are seeking to know and love Jesus,
    understand and experience the Gospel, and be transformed through His costly grace most perfectly shown through the Cross.
    But it is not just transformation for ourselves we seek.
    Despite our imperfections, we also desire to participate in what God is doing around us.
    We believe there are many opportunities to serve, love, and build God's kingdom
    in our surrounding neighborhoods and city as a church participating in God's mission.
    What we have leamed through our history (albeit it often painfully and slowly) is that God is incredibly patient,
    completely trustworthy, full of grace, and infinitely smarter than us. And we are incredibly grateful for
    what God has done in our church and for all He has provided us with.
    We are also excited and hopeful when we think of what He is doing and will continue to do.
    Whether you are part of our church just visiting our site, or interested in checking us out in person,
    our prayer is that you would know and experience the Jesus of the Bible and the transforming power of the Gospel in your life!
  • ‘But the Lord is faithful, who shall stablish you,

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